Adobe XD New Features: Voice Prototyping and Much More

Adobe has decided to add some interesting, new features available for Adobe XD. As we know, prototyping is a foundation of the Adobe XD. However, they have made prototyping so good that now we have voice triggers and speech playback. …

Loud and Magnetic: Big Typography Amplifies Messages

Loud and Magnetic Big Typography Amplifies Messages

This year has been rich in web design and user experience trends. There have been animations of different kinds, experimentation with layouts, several delightful comebacks and extravagant mainstream concepts. Maybe surprisingly, typography has been in the spotlight. How you present …

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How to Import a Custom HTML Email Template from Postcards to Salesforce [YouTube Tutorial]

How to Import HTML Email Template from Postcards to Salesforce

In this video, I will show you how to import a custom email created in Postcards directly to Salesforce. First, open the email template in the Postcards app and insert all the required tags by Salesforce.

Best Free Websites Builders of 2018

Best Free Websites Builders of 2018

Thanks to website builders, almost anyone can create a low- or no-cost website. They bridge the gap between regular users and the internet, making them a part of the web community. They can be lifesavers for those who want to …

How to Import a Custom HTML Email Template to HubSpot [YouTube Tutorial]

How to Import a Custom HTML Email Template to HubSpot

Welcome to a new video tutorial where we’ll learn about how to upload a customized email template newsletter to HubSpot. In this tutorial, we’ll use Postcards to build a customized email template and HubSpot to send a customized email to …

Sans Forgetica – Makes Sure You Don’t Forget

Sans Forgetica - Makes Sure You Don´t Forget

It seems like sci-fi, but it is a true story. Apparently, Australian researchers developed an amazing solution for all students around the globe. They have created a font which will improve students capacity to remember certain information. RMIT University from …

A Comprehensive Guide for the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

A Comprehensive Guide About the Gutenberg WordPress Editor

Gutenberg is the new editor in WordPress, which is going to provide ease and a new and easy editing experience for WordPress websites. In this post, you’ll learn a few hands-on tricks to create media-rich posts and pages especially if …

3 Reasons to Use a Page Builder Tool – WP Page Builder

3 Reasons to Use a Page Builder Tool - WP Page Builder

Have you ever needed to build a website quickly? Or needed a design element that you just couldn’t make work on your own? How did you solve these problems? For WordPress users a page builder tool can be a lifesaver …

Meet Vivaldi 2.0: Faster, Safer and Personal


Vivaldi, created by Opera Software’s co-founder and former CEO Jon von Tetzchner, an Icelandic programmer and businessman, is the browser you are looking for: A fast, fun and strong contender to both long-established big names Firefox and Chrome. For sure, …

Big Changes in Sketch 52: New UI, Data and Dark Mode

Big Changes in Sketch 52: New UI, Data and Dark Mode

Refreshing news for designers – Sketch 52 is released and many bugs are fixed! Simultaneously, there over 50 enhancements, while 4 improvements are definitely in the focus of the audience since the app was updated and launched. Let´s see what …

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